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Commercial Inspections

What to Expect

Cogley Property Inspections will inspect a wide range of commercial buildings including office buildings, restaurants, apartment complexes, strip malls, malls, hotels, motels, warehouses, and industrial facilities.

We provide due diligence reports using the ASTM PCA E-2018 Property Condition Assessment Standards as our guideline to assist investors, lendors, and lessees.

These reports typically include building exteriors, parking and walking services, HVAC systems, roofing, electrical, plumbing, restrooms, and interiors. We provide recommendations for maintenance, repair, and component replacement as needed.

Cogley Property Inspections also provides additional services including: Phase One Environmental Site Assessments (ESA), Repair Cost Estimates, ADA Access Inspections, Elevator Inspections, and Structural Engineering and Seismic Analyses.

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Download a Sample Commercial Report:

• Brian also conducts Residential Inspections